Resident’s petition against overdevelopment: please sign!

The following blurb and petition has been forwarded to me by a resident.  Please feel free to print as many petitions as you can get your relatives, neighbours and friends to sign.  Once you have the completed forms email and I will email you the address to forward them to (for privacy reasons I don’t want to put private addresses online).

Email from Monash Resident (name and address provided)

If you are worried about over-development in Monash – huge houses on tiny blocks, trees and gardens disappearing.minimal – you may be interested in…
…A petition which has been started by an Ashwood resident concerned with overdevelopment in Monash.  So far Fiona has collected around 200 signatures from ordinary Ashwood residents concerned about overdevelopment in Monash.  (The link is via Friends of Damper Creek reserve.)
Many Monash residents are concerned about the Council’s current stand on building regulations.  Most of the originally proposed “garden city” protections* from new oversized buildings (e.g. minimal rear and side setbacks, minimal open space, required canopy trees, special Neighbourhood zones along creek lines/catchments) were watered down or abandoned in wound back by Council’s “in-principle” position, (unfortunately)  passed at the Council meeting of 31 May.
In our street in Glen Waverely for example, there are only a handful of original houses with gardens remaining;  the new houses are huge, mostly one enormous house covering almost all the block, sometimes two large units.  Existing trees are mostly felled; new “gardens” are minimal/notional, and rarely include any plants which will grow over 2 or 3 m high.
Fortunately, the Council voted to pass this issue on to a Panel hearing, at which non-Councillors with appropriate (e.g. town planning, environmental) experience will be hearing submissions from residents as well as others in a calm and orderly way.
Many believe that the bulk of our residents’ wishes to preserve Monash’s “garden city” character & objections to current over development have been sidelined by pressure on councillors from a very small but vocal minority of developers and property owners.
In fact the original “green” C125 Amendment originally came about precisely because of concerns expressed to Council by residents!  As stated in the Council’s April 2015 newsletter foreshadowing the “new” green regulations,  the issue came up “in response to concerns raised by residents about potential over-development and the loss of neighbourhood character and vegetation” (April 2015 Council Newsletter).  At that time, Council was spurred into action, aiming to develop stronger guidelines to preserve Monash’s “garden city” character, including increased rear and side setbacks, requirements for canopy trees, and some high protection in Neighbourhood zones, including along creek lines/catchments areas.
If you have a petition and you are a Monash resident, please:
– sign – also maybe your partner /family
– maybe run off some extra copies and sign up some neighbours if you feel like it –

The Petition

Note: For the petition to be accepted by Monash Council you MUST provide your name, address and sign the form. See: for Council requirements for petitions.


Click on the text above, save to your computer and print (hopefully!)
petition from Monash residents 001

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