Have your say! – The Local Government Act Review Paper

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The government is reviewing the Local Government Act and proposing to make changes that will make Councils more efficient, transparent and accountable, as well as enhancing community participation.

Here are some of the key new reforms proposed:

  • A stronger role for mayors to lead councils
  • Greater consistency in council structures (wards) to make elections fairer
  • Simpler electoral rolls and voting rules
  • Community engagement
  • Accountable and high performing councils
  • More autonomy for councils to cut unnecessary red-tape
  • A consistent, modern rating system

Have a say!

Community members have an opportunity to provide feedback relating to the Local Government Act Review Directions Paper or proposed changes. Feedback can be provided by making  a submission or viewing the summary ‘At a Glance’ and completing  a quick poll.

Link to The Local Government Act Review Directions Paper website: Act for the Future – Directions for a new Local Government Act.

What do you think of your Council? Do you think changes need to be made?


2 thoughts on “Have your say! – The Local Government Act Review Paper”

  1. I attended a consultation session run by the Vic Dept of Environment, Land, Water and Planning recently. A couple of common themes were
    (a) a councillor who resigns to run (unsuccessfully) for parliament should not be eligible to stand at the next council election, and
    (b) all council meetings should be live-streamed with the recording remaining online and accessible to the public for as long as the minutes remain online.
    Those sound like two very good recommendations to me.

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    1. I think they are very good recommendations! Monash Council has been informed about the importance of live streaming council meetings but still has not been implemented.

      I also provided my feedback in relation to the Local Government Act review recommendations. Under Community Engagement they state that Community engagement will become a core principle of the Act and a core councillor role. The four-year council plan will be the principal policy document and will require deep engagement with local communities before it can be adopted. Mayors will lead development of the plan and be required to report back annually to the community on its progress. I said that I do not agree for Mayors to lead development of the plan as this can give them too much power which they can abuse. This is what I proposed:
      To improve community consultation and have a more transparent and accountable council they could could commence a long term transparent Information Reference or Working Group and provided a few points in relation to this. I also suggested to have quality improvement reference groups where consumers/community members can participate and any feedback and complaints are discussed to make improvements and ensure no gaps in the system and to ensure accountability.

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