Monash Council Meeting Agenda! Hot Issues – What to look for?

Monash Council Meeting

The Next City of  Monash Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 August 2016 from 7.00pm. You will need to submit your questions by noon  today (Monday 29 August).

Hot issues to pay extra attention too!

Hot issues Empowering Monash and You

Development: Five residential apartment towers 6-10 storeys in height and 17 double-storey townhouses

79 objections were submitted by public members: “Key issues raised within objections relate to neighbourhood character, visual bulk, overshadowing, design detail, compliance with residential policy, car parking provision, increased traffic, overlooking and residential amenity.” Source – Monash Council Agenda, 30 August 2016.

The Council has recommended to refuse the proposal!

Monash Community Grants Program:  Report relating to the 2017/18  Grants Program (MCGP) and assessments of applications.

Due to the Public Health Approach to Gambling Policy Statement, funding will not be provided to applicants or community groups who meet at venues that have Electronic Gaming Machines. Already two organisations will be affected! There were some objections to this alteration .  

Links relating to this issue and comments: Dealing Monash Ratepayers a Dodgy Hand


2 thoughts on “Monash Council Meeting Agenda! Hot Issues – What to look for?”

  1. G’day Gayle, hopefully the meeting went well and the objections were heeded. As it happens, the Finch St plan – perhaps that was on your list – is totally objectionable, particularly to the residents of 4 and 5 Trent Court. If you wish the owners to contact you please reply with your contact details and I will take it from there.

    All the best with your election plan. Cheers John


    1. Hi John,
      I have withdrawn from EM&U for the period of my candidacy for Glen Waverley Ward in Monash. EM&U does not have a mandate to support a candidate as a group and I could forsee how difficult it would become to identify election materials which need to be authorised and so on. The Trent Court address is in Mulgrave Ward so I suggest you contact a candidate there. You can find me on my election web site ( or Facebook (@Gayle4Monash).


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