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The Empowering Monash & YOU (EM&U) blog stands for community involvement in local government.  It is the initiative of a group of active people most of whom first met through the Save Monash Gardens campaign. The campaign started in July 2013 when Monash Council announced it was calling for Expressions of Interest for the purchase of Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens aged care residences. Protesters, many with relatives living in the aged care residences, represented diverse community groups and began to protest.  They protested at Council, collected 10,000 petition signatures, asked questions in Public Question Time, received support from Members of Parliament and advocacy groups and obtained widespread media coverage.  Monash Council proceeded with the sale despite the widespread and strong opposition from the community.  The provider they sold to, Royal Freemasons, was well received by the community.  The discontent with the Council processes and conduct continues and this blog is one of the more positive ways this discontent is manifesting itself.

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