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Are you sick of over-development and loss of greenery? Then sign this petition before it is too late!

Save Us! Sign the petition!
Save Us! Sign the petition!

If you are worried about over-development in Monash – huge houses on tiny blocks, trees and gardens disappearing, then you have an opportunity to stop this from happening by signing this petition!

The petition was created by an Ashwood resident concerned with over development in Monash.  Link to more information relating to this matter – Petition against over-development. So far some signatures have been collected by community members, but need more to make a big impact! If you are a Monash resident, please feel free to print as many petitions as you can get your relatives, neighbours and friends to sign. Once you have the completed forms email and I will email you the address to forward them to.
Click on image to open up petition document to print and sign!

Brandon Park Secondary College site development – ensure its community friendly petition

Council has informed the community about a proposed development plan for the former Brandon Park Secondary College site. Proposal for Developing buildings (3-5 storeys in height) which will be for independent retirement living, and aged care facilities. The applicant is Ryman Healthcare, which developed and operates the Weary Dunlop aged care and retirement complex in Wheelers Hill.

The Brandon Park Residents Action Group has created a petition to ensure any development on the site did not dilute the liveability of the neighbourhood, especially the loss of open space. The Petition is asking Council to ensure that Ryman Healthcare address the requirements in the Development Plan Overlay for the site, such as open space, drainage, trees, traffic and parking.

To support them please click on link provided to direct you to petition. Feedback needs to be provided to Council by 26 September 2016, so please sign petition before then.

Link to petition: Brandon Park Secondary College site development – ensure its community friendly

Related information:

Proposed Development Plan: Former Brandon Park Secondary College site

Brandon Park Residents Action Group

Monash Council Election in October – What you need to know!

Monash Council Election

The City of Monash Council Election will be held in October. It will be by postal vote and enrolled voters will receive their ballots via the mail in the first week of October.

What is in the ballot pack?

Council Elections Ballots
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence

How to complete the ballot paper or vote?

After completing the sheet or adding your vote, then you will need to return it in the mail by 6.00 pm on Friday 21 October 2016, so please be aware it needs to be mailed by this date as voting closes on 21 October 2016. However you do have the option to hand-deliver it to the election office by this date. You can visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website for more information.

Click on Factsheets to enlarge and view! 

Council Election Ballots
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence
Council Election Ballot
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence











Monash Council Election Candidates and voting

You will find candidate statements in the ballot pack, which is a little information about each candidate before deciding who to vote for. Community members may be already aware who some of the candidates are, but it is very important to vote for a person who you think will do the best for you or the community.  Hence why it is important to get enough information about the candidates by visiting their websites, reading their flyers or contacting them and asking questions. The other option is to  make arrangements to meet them at a convenient time or at their launches and express your views or concerns.

You vote is important so vote wisely!
Monash Council Ballot Voting
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence

If you interested in meeting some of them, there will be a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event on 6 October 2016 at the Mount Street Neighbourhood House. For further details, you can contact them by phone on 9803 8706 or through their website – MSNH Contact.

For more information regarding the Council Elections:

City of Monash Council Election – Voting 

Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

Easy English Guide – Victorian Electoral Commission Vote in Local Council Postal Elections

Reminder! Gayle Nicholas who is the founder member of Empowering Monash and YOU has suspended her role with EM&U while standing for Council.  Community members have contacted EM&U in regards to Gayle’s Campaign and would like to remind people that EM&U’s role does not involve election campaigns, so if you would like to contact Gayle Nicholas, details below.
Facebook Page Page: @Gayle4Monash 
Twitter: @GayleNicholas4M

Monash Council Meeting Agenda! Hot Issues – What to look for?

Monash Council Meeting

The Next City of  Monash Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 August 2016 from 7.00pm. You will need to submit your questions by noon  today (Monday 29 August).

Hot issues to pay extra attention too!

Hot issues Empowering Monash and You

Development: Five residential apartment towers 6-10 storeys in height and 17 double-storey townhouses

79 objections were submitted by public members: “Key issues raised within objections relate to neighbourhood character, visual bulk, overshadowing, design detail, compliance with residential policy, car parking provision, increased traffic, overlooking and residential amenity.” Source – Monash Council Agenda, 30 August 2016.

The Council has recommended to refuse the proposal!

Monash Community Grants Program:  Report relating to the 2017/18  Grants Program (MCGP) and assessments of applications.

Due to the Public Health Approach to Gambling Policy Statement, funding will not be provided to applicants or community groups who meet at venues that have Electronic Gaming Machines. Already two organisations will be affected! There were some objections to this alteration .  

Links relating to this issue and comments: Dealing Monash Ratepayers a Dodgy Hand

Have your say! – The Local Government Act Review Paper

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

The government is reviewing the Local Government Act and proposing to make changes that will make Councils more efficient, transparent and accountable, as well as enhancing community participation.

Here are some of the key new reforms proposed:

  • A stronger role for mayors to lead councils
  • Greater consistency in council structures (wards) to make elections fairer
  • Simpler electoral rolls and voting rules
  • Community engagement
  • Accountable and high performing councils
  • More autonomy for councils to cut unnecessary red-tape
  • A consistent, modern rating system

Have a say!

Community members have an opportunity to provide feedback relating to the Local Government Act Review Directions Paper or proposed changes. Feedback can be provided by making  a submission or viewing the summary ‘At a Glance’ and completing  a quick poll.

Link to The Local Government Act Review Directions Paper website: Act for the Future – Directions for a new Local Government Act.

What do you think of your Council? Do you think changes need to be made?

Open Space is a major contributor to liveability!

Open Space has been a hot issue recently and community members wishing for more green and open space areas to protect the environment and provide a healthy lifestyle for residents.  The Monash Council has received submissions or feedback by community members in relation to open space. However many may not be satisfied with the Council’s response to this issue.
The City of Monash Council was seeking feedback from the community to help them develop an Open Space Strategy. Consultations closed on 30 June 2016 and feedback received will be collated for an Opportunities paper to be confirmed later this year.

Did you have an opportunity to provide your views? Do you think you will be heard?

The following slide is Monash Ratepayers Open Space Strategy Slideshow and particularly in relation to converting some areas in Glen Waverley into open space.

Monash Ratepayers for Open Space Strategy

Open Space by Monash Ratepayers
Open Space Submission by Monash Ratepayers. Click to view slide/document

Under the Monash 2021 – a thriving community plan it states what community members value in relation to the environment and open space. Being in a ‘green’ city with bike or walk paths, tree-lined streets, areas to be green and leafy with fresh air and open space was important to them.

One of the Council’s key priorities for the next 10 years is for a green and naturally-rich city.  This will include maintaining the provision of open space for passive and active uses and maintaining the leafy character of the city and streets, as well as using opportunities to engage the community in discussion about environmental issues. 

What are your views on open space? Are you happy with the Council’s performance in this area so far?

The option for comments on the Open Space Strategy closed on 30 June. You can still have your say! Contact your Councillors ( and write to Leader Press (

Links relating to open space in the community:

Green Waverley: Research supports a green space for diverse uses 

Green Waverley: The Healthy Alternative

People’s Park Option for redeveloping Glen Waverley Central Car Park –  Monash Ratepayers

Monash 2021 – a thriving community

Monash Council Environment

Leave your comments by clicking on the Leave a Comment button above.

EM&U will publish your letters, emails etc.  We exist to empower the community to speak out. Name and contact details must be provided though not necessarily published.  Each author is responsible for their content and views do not always represent all involved with our group.

Community initiated Council forum a success!

“Our City should be driven by the people that live in it” Mr Frank Cresia

This week representatives from community groups, including Empowering Monash & YOU, attended a forum at the Monash Council Offices in Glen Waverley.  Cr Geoff Lake, Dr Andi Diamond and Mr Peter Panagakos represented Monash Council.  Mr Frank Cresia, from the John Monash Square group chaired the meeting.

The focus of the meeting was the future of the Central Car Park site in Glen Waverley.

Monash community members have put in submissions to Council and the John Monash Multicultural Square proposal has received particular attention by Council. The proposals ask for the full extent of the car park to be green and open public space and suggest many ways the space can be used e.g. an open air stage.  An underground car park has been costed.

The Council’s proposal for the land includes 10+storey buildings comprising commercial and residential use, a ‘state of the art’ library and a small public square.

The forum began with two slide presentations.  Cr Geoff Lake presented on behalf of the Council and Mr Frank Cresia presented on behalf of the residents action group.

Cr Lake indicated no decision has been made, but many in the audience were skeptical about this. He highlighted the financial issue as perceived by Council and emphasized a need for a grand library such as the library recently opened in Geelong.  He said the northern end of Kingsway is a planning issue.  The Council is very happy with the function of the remainder of Kingsway.

“Underground car park on the [Central Car Park] site is a strategy that addresses long term car parking issues and brings economic benefit for Council”
Mr Frank Cresia

Mr Cresia emphasized the cultural diversity in Monash and the importance of the community being involved in planning and design. Mr Cresia’s slide presentation is attached below.

The community group, after seeking advice from an engineer, stated a preference for the new library to be built on the current Glen Waverley Library site or extending into the car park on the south side of the library.  This will keep the small open area outside the Council offices an active pedestrian area.

The need for new Council offices was not specifically mentioned.  Community  members have questioned this need.  Over the last two years there have been some reductions in Council staff (e.g. aged care, school holiday program) and a trend towards employing consultants (who typically provide their own office accommodation).  Council needs to provide a Business Case demonstrating the need for new office space before this becomes a viable project.

Dr Chan Chea presented a slide show emphasizing the importance of good governance principles in local council decision making processes.

“Transparent decision making shows: the viable options, how & what the decision making criteria is, and recommends the best value option with a full disclosure of how the decision was made,  the implementation schedule and the risk management framework” Dr Chan Chea

Click on the link below to view the presentation by Mr Cresia.

Click on the link below to view the presentation by Dr Chan Chea.

Following the presentations community members asked many questions and made comments.  The community called for the current Expression of Interest (EOI) process to be stopped to allow for consultation with the community.

One woman commented she had lived in Glen Waverley for 30 years and only just found out Central Car Park was to be built on.  This morning I chatted with another woman who said, “I always read the Monash Bulletin but I didn’t know [Central Car Park] was to be built on”.



Actions for YOU to take if you would like to create this legacy for future generations in Glen Waverley:


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Green Waverley: Research supports a green space for diverse uses

Click on  “leave a comment” under the page heading to add your thoughts to this post.  Note all comments are moderated.  EM&U reserves the right not to publish posts deemed unsuitable.

Hands off our reserve! Another Council not interested in green open space?

Have you seen this article? Another Council not interested in green open space?

Glendale Reserve, SpringvaleGreater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College   GEORDIE COWAN SPRINGVALE DANDENONG LEADER JUNE 01, 2015 12:15PM  
via Greater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College | Herald Sun.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council is proposing to sell part of Glendale Reserve located at Whitworth Avenue, which is very much-loved and highly used by community members. The land is occupied by the existing kindergarten and scout hall (used by the Scout Association).

The Council proposes to sell the land to property owners, Minaret College (Islamic School) to be used. If Council goes ahead with the sale the land will need to be rezoned and the reserve status removed.


Submissions on the proposal from the community were accepted by the council and they had the opportunity to express their views at a consultation meeting, with majority of attendees against the sale.


Residents and community members protest that the Glendale Reserve is one of the only green spaces around that area. Buildings on the land can be demolished and will be more open space. This will cater to future generations, young and old. There is a high rate of couples with children in Springvale and the need for open space for children to play and be outdoors. Many children may spend more time on the internet or watching TV due to a lack of open space and a lack of exercise is detrimental to their physical health.


Other communities are fighting for more open space as important for the wellbeing of the community.

Low levels of exercise and obesity is a concern as well as chronic disease. The Greater Dandenong Council CWP Priorities and Objectives 2013-17 states that for recreation, facilities and programs are provided which will help increase participation in sport, leisure and the arts. More participation in physical activity results from providing adequate, good quality parks and open spaces.


Minaret college who is leasing the kindergarten has planned to expand the building if purchase the land. However the council report summary of the proposed sale states that the traffic within Whitworth Avenue can become very congested at the peak school times. By Minaret continuing to expand on this location and increasing the size of the kindergarten, this will only add to an existing concern.                                             


The Council did mention that if sold, funds could be used to purchase more open space in Springvale North. However in the past another reserve Erickson Gardens was sold to build a new Police Station and had the opportunity to use funds to increase open space, it has not done so. In fact their open strategy report revealed that it is lacking in open space in that area and many other areas in Springvale.


There needs to be some balance. If allow for this to happen what will stop others doing the same in other areas. The council need to keep this land and consider the consequences if go ahead and sell.

Take a stand now to save the reserve! Attend the Council meeting on 10 August 2015 at 7pm to show your support. Councillors need to know!

Venue: Council Chambers Level 2, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong


Glendale Reserve

Want to know more? Click on link provided – Save out spaces plea

Contact Glendale Reserve Campaign Group

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page
Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page –  click image

6 sleeps till 10 June!

Tuesday 10 June is a doubly important date on the calendar in Monash:

  • It is the last date to give feedback on The Future of Glen Waverley, a plan that will direct major development in Monash over the next 10 years
  • The Council are hearing submissions on the draft budget 2014-15.  Be in the public gallery at the Monash Council Offices  in Glen Waverley at 7.30 pm to support community members who are speaking on their submissions at this meeting.

Be involved and have YOUR say NOW!

Image above:
Monash community members in the Public Gallery Feb 2014

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STOP Monash Council cash grab NOW



STOP Monash Council’s CASH GRAB – today last day for budget submission

If you have made a submission to Monash Council re the Draft Budget:

We invite you to add it to this post using ‘leave a comment’ above or to email it to for us to publish on this site.

If you have not yet made a submission to Monash Council re the Draft Budget you need to do so TODAY (30 May).

You may use the submissions below as examples.

Be at Council on 10 June 7.30 pm to support people presenting their submissions.

Example 1: My submission

To: Monash Council Attention: Dr Andi Diamond
Re: Submission re Draft Budget 2014 – 2015

Firstly I would like Council to note I support:

  • the case put forward by Cr Robert Davies that a rate rise at a time the Council is ‘cashed up’ is not necessary. He has stated a 3% rise in rates will allow services and investments to continue but the Council’s profit will decrease to $m5


I have seen no evidence that the Council has considered the welfare of its constituents.

In preparing this budget the Council needs to consider such factors as:

  • the effect on Monash constituents of the spate of redundancies over the last two years e.g. University of Melbourne, Channel 10 and more.
  • the difficulties faced by Monash’s ageing population trying to re-enter the workforce
  • young adults, including university graduates, who cannot find a career position, or even work of any kind
  • The severe impact of the federal budget, should it proceed, on this community e.g. doctors’ fees, reduced benefits, cuts in services and more
  • other economic impacts on the welfare of the community

In short the Council should look more closely at the community’s ability to pay. That a 6% rise was planned a few years back is far less relevant. In fact good management is to evaluate and review plans not stick them in place like bricks and mortar.

Monash has suffered in hard economic cycles before. At times the media has featured reports of increased requirements for food parcels and other supplies to help families in the mortgage belt. Is this how you want Monash families to live? Is this how you want to welcome migrants to Monash?

Yes, it is great to have modern buildings and facilities for the community to use but may I caution you on the following:
Buildings and facilities are not the fabric of a healthy and well functioning community
The community does not want Council sitting on bags of money – their money. They expect a more break- even scenario
Great facilities are only worthwhile when they are affordable and if you need to raise rates above the CPI they are not affordable.
I sincerely hope future rate capping by the State Government will stop Councils living beyond the Community’s means, as Monash is currently planning to do.

I urge Council to involve Community members much earlier in the budget planning process. Handing out a practically finished product and then ticking the boxes on community feedback is not genuine consultation. Stop sitting back and waiting for the community to come to you – get out there and find the community to communicate on their ground in their frames of reference. Use the IAP2 spectrum at the highest levels and you will discover a whole new world of community engagement.

I would like to reserve my right under the Local Government Act to speak to this submission on 10 June.

Example 2: Murray’s submission

I note that Council has expressed concern about the impact of reductions in the FAGs this year. It was stated at the May Ordinary Council Meeting that this will cost Monash approximately $120k.
I note that Council’s Draft Sustainable Transport Plan (Part 2, Appendix 1) show the Euneva Ave car park has, at peak occupancy, approximately 250 vacant parking spaces.
I note that Council has been repeatedly lobbied to allow commuters access to the Euneva Ave car park and those lobbying have indicated a willingness to pay for the privilege.

At a rate of $5/day, Council could earn $1300pa on each parking permit issued for commuter parking in Euneva Ave car park. At this rate, even keeping a reserve of 60% of the currently unutilised parking spaces, council has the capacity to cover the FAG losses and generate a positive return on the investment made.

This proposal has been rejected on the grounds that the car park utilisation will rise. There’s no reason to expect a 150% increase in utilisation this financial year. At the end of the 2014/15 financial year the FAGs position may have changed and the situation can be reviewed. If there is no utilisation pressure, the revenue stream can continue and can assist in providing downward pressures on rates to keep the average rate even lower than all other councils in Victoria. By the time utilisation patterns change the state government has promised to build multi-deck parking at Syndal and the commuters can be redirected there.

This is a win for all concerned: commuters get temporary parking pending construction at Syndal, ratepayers get a return on their investment and a possible reduction in rate increases and council offsets losses in FAGs while still advocating for their restoration.