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Is Monash Council ignoring the Monash community? 15 storeys high!

A supporter of  EM&U has sent this letter to Councillors:

Dear Councillors

Thank you for your time at the recent Listening Post and Public Meeting.

I write to seek your support opposing the proposal to grant approval for a 15 storey building at 52-54 O’Sullivan Road, Glen Waverley, at least in its present form.

Last Monday’s public meeting at Mt Waverley demonstrated considerable community opposition to the scale of the proposal – a matter which has not been addressed in the officers’ report.  Last Saturday morning, Prof Kim Dovey, from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at Melbourne University, suggested on 774 Melbourne radio that a 20 minute city can be achieved with no more than five to eight storeys.  This proposition is borne out in many European cities.

Setting a precedent of 15 storeys for this development will only encourage more, very tall buildings on Monash’s high points.  Already there is talk of the RSL site as the next skyscraper.  Concern has been expressed about this as a precedent for other “activity centres” such as Syndal, Mt Waverley and even Pinewood.  This is an opportunity to set a precedent which says we won’t allow developers to compete to see who can build the biggest – set a realistic limit today and it can be used to control and manage the future.

A major justification for approving the height is that it is consistent with the “opportunity for heights in excess of 10 storeys” in the draft structure plan about which there is still considerable detailed community consultation to be completed.  That same plan includes a sustainable transport plan which does not appear to have been considered when providing for transport options other than private motor car.

  • There’s one fifth of a bike parking space per apartment vs one whole car space; it seems unlikely that five families will share just one bicycle!
  • There’s NO on-street bike parking for visitors to the shops and businesses on the ground and podium levels.  Bikes parked out of sight are frequently subjected to mindless vandalism so, unless there’s a chance to keep an eye on the bike, most people won’t ride and shop thereby undermining the sustainable transport plan.
  • The pedestrian space on the western side appears to be a walkway 1.5m wide with an additional street trading area between the path and the kerb.  Stroll down Kingsway and it quickly becomes apparent that this is insufficient space to provide for “active and vibrant” pedestrian traffic.

The proposal requests a reduction in car parking provision and Council appears to be willing to grant this on the basis that the rules haven’t been applied in the past so it’s not appropriate to apply the rules now.  Last month’s Council meeting should have put officers on notice that Councillors do not condone that approach and nor do residents.  In defence of the reduction (25 car parks) the report notes the proximity the Euneva Avenue car park as an alternative.  Given that traffic officers and Mayor Lake reported recently that there are only six unencumbered parking spaces in Euneva Ave (thereby explaining that the currently unused parking space cannot be used as a temporary revenue source or to provide relief to commuters and Syndal and Glen Waverley residents during next year’s temporary closure of 150 spaces at Syndal railway station) it seems inconsistent to suggest that these six spaces can provide a permanent replacement for the missing 25 spaces in this development.  Once again, it seems that council is allowing developers to use ratepayer funded parking for private use instead of protecting it for public access when needed.

Last Monday night council officers suggested that an additional 200 vehicle movements per day will be unnoticeable.  That presupposes that the residents drive out in the morning and return at night but makes no allowance for school runs (buyers’ children will not be within easy walking distance of secondary schools – GWSC is full!), visitors to the site (reduced parking provisions notwithstanding) or any other traffic.  The GWAC structure plan speaks of “activated laneways” – the alleyways which will provide access to this tower will be heavily trafficked and incapable of “activation”.  I fear that traffic congestion at the Springvale Road entry to the laneway and the alternative into O’Sullivan Road – these are likely to become major congestion points at peak times.  The exit route westward on O’Sullivan Road will conflict with the existing pedestrian crossing between The Glen and Village Walk – no provision appears to have been made to address this already congested and busy crossing.

Residential intensification is a necessary fact of the future and, done properly, can add vibrancy and livability to a city.  I suggest this proposal needs to go back for more careful consideration before being done properly and with sensitivity to the needs and wishes of existing residents of our city.

Residents in the 276 apartments will use this lane off Springvale Road to enter the apartments
Residents in the 276 apartments will use this lane off Springvale Road to enter the apartments


The planning permit will go to Monash Council for approval on Tuesday 25 November 7.30 pm. 
Residents and ratepayers of Monash may submit questions to Public Question time by 12 noon on Monday 24 November. 
The public are welcome to attend the meeting in the Council offices, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, 3150

Questions to ask at Monash Council Planning & Building meetings

What do you think should happen to Central Car Park?
View across Central Car Park to Novotel and Police Academy

The Monash Strategic Housing Plan 2014 may lead to changes in the environment in which we live.  Many of us chose Monash as a place to live because of its rural or green and leafy aspect.  We did not want to live in dense population areas so we settled away from the CBD amongst the trees or in older established areas.  Some of us looked for cheaper housing near workplaces such as factories or the university or settled as migrants in areas near the hostels where others were from the same cultural background.

Times change and Monash has passed the Monash Strategic Housing Plan 2014.  Yes, I did say passed.

Monash Council are holding two meetings re the Monash Strategic Housing Plan 2014 apparently to tell us about what they have decided.

Two sessions are being held to give us information. Below the session times are suggestions for the questions you might ask at these meetings.

Session Times:
Wednesday 12 November, 7 – 9 pm

Clayton Theatrette (near Library)
Clayton Community Centre,
Cook Street

Monday 17 November, 7pm-9pm

Mount Waverley Community Centre
47 Miller Crescent
Mt Waverley

Examples of Questions to ask:

Show me my property on the map. What is its classification?

If the house next door to me is sold, can it be pulled down? What can be built there?

How much space has to be left around the house? How many levels can it be?

Is it only the bedrooms that cannot be overlooked? How much of my
daylight/sunlight can be taken away?

My street comes off a Main Street so will there be high rise at the end of the street?

Many houses that are liveable are being pulled down – how does this serve Monash’s sustainability goals?

On another level: what control does the Council have over land usage?

How will the Council ensure appropriate housing e.g. affordable single storey units with small garden and close proximity to shops and transport is available for long term and ageing residents who may have cognitive and mobility issues among other issues?

Please specify what the needs of diverse cultural groups and immigrants are in terms of housing and how this will be provided.

Does the current plan serve the needs of the Council and Developers better than it serves the people?

Where in Monash can trees grow old?

Why has the draft plan been passed by Council before the community have been consulted?

‘What impact are the changes going to have on the value of my property?’

“How will residential streets remain safe for our children with high density housing?

Whenever you ask a question there will be others wanting to know the answer
Whenever you ask a question there will be others wanting to know the answer



What will happen to your street? Attend Council forums to find out.

Side street in Monash
Side street in Monash

How will the Monash Housing Strategy affect YOU?

Are you on a Boulevard or main road, in one of the Activity Centres or a Heritage Precinct?

How will development support older people in their homes or, if necessary, moving into residential care in Monash?

High Street Road Glen Waverley 2012
High Street Road Glen Waverley 2012
Do you live in Glen Waverley or Oakleigh?

High rise development will be concentrated in these areas

Do you live in Brandon Park, Clayton or Mount Waverley?

Medium rise development is planned for these areas

Monash City Council is holding two Planning and Building Forums.


Wednesday 12 November, 7 – 9 pm

Clayton Theatrette (near Library)
Clayton Community Centre,
Cook Street

Monday 17 November, 7pm-9pm

Mount Waverley Community Centre
47 Miller Crescent
Mt Waverley

Builders at work in a residential side street
Residential street in Monash 2014


Further information: Item 4.1
Did I read this Item correctly?  The Housing Strategy Report was adopted BEFORE the Public Information Forums?????

Euneva car park - no commuters allowed!!!
Euneva car park – no commuters allowed!!!


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Glen Waverley April 2014
Glen Waverley April 2014





Well done Monash Council!

At this evening’s Monash Council meeting Cr Bill Pontikis successfully put an amendment to a motion on a planning permit.  The motion was to the effect that the Council will not approve planning permits requesting a reduction in the number of visitor car parking spaces.

Property developers frequently ask to build with less visitor car parking spaces than the standard: 1 visitor space for 5 apartments. As I understand it the Council will not approve any such applications in future.  Developers will have the right to appeal to VCAT and VCAT can overturn the Council decision.

It was great to see our Council voting for a standard that has community support.

Councillors voting for the amendment; Crs Pontikis, Dimopoulos, Davies, Paterson, Nolan, Klisaris, Little.

The Mayor, Cr Geoff Lake voted against on the grounds that VCAT is likely to overturn the Council decision and it is difficult for developers to change their plans at this late stage.  Cr Zographos had other objections to the planning permit so voted against the whole proposal.

Crs Drieberg and Lo were absent.

The property in question tonight was in Oakleigh.  However it is anticipated that the precedent will carry through to planning permits for Glen Waverley.

Planning permit requesting reduction in visitor car parks
Current planning permit requesting reduction in visitor car parks




Oops! We did it again!

Image courtesy of digitalart at

Monash Council has proposed to sell the site where the Oakleigh Sunday Rotary Market operates.  This has caused an uproar among community members! The ‘Save Oakleigh Rotary Market Group’ organised a rally on Sunday October 19 at Hanover Street Site to protest against this proposal. More than 900 people signed a petition to save the site.

More details about the protest and sale click on links provided:

Monash Council  has informed the community that they will consult them. If you need more details about the sale and how to contact council with your feedback or concerns click on link provided.

What do you think about this issue?  Comments welcomed!


Monash Council votes TONIGHT on Glen Waverley Activity Centre Plan

The 15 storey tower proposed in O’Sullivan Road opposite The Glen is only one issue for the people of Monash.  The Glen Waverley Activity Centre Plan proposed high rise throughout the central Glen Waverley area.  There are indications such development will move along the railway line to surround all areas near railway stations.  From what I hear this is NOT what residents want.

One of the issues is the feeling of powerlessness in the community.  People feel their say doesn’t matter (and past performance of the Council reinforces this view).  Stand up and have your say!  What future development do you want in Monash?

Visit the following Leader link to have your say:

Come to the Council meeting at Monash Civic Centre, 297 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley TONIGHT 7.30

Email, write, ring Councillors to let them know you vote for them and you don’t like what is happening.

Also on tonight’s agenda is the Council’s feedback on the Electoral Review.  This is the people’s opportunity to enable fair electoral practices in local government elections.  Should Council candidates have to declare the political party they belong to?  My vote is YES, they most definitely should.  Read the agenda item 7.2 for more information:

What property development do Monash residents want?
What property development do the residents of Monash want?

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