I aim to be a constructive, positive, critical observer and reporter of Monash Council shining a spotlight which educates the community and takes one small step to "keep the bbbbbbb honest".

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Gayle has lived in Glen Waverley for 30 + years. Her interest in good governance in local government began when Monash Council proposed selling an aged care residence her parents lived in. Throughout the aged care sale process the Council was not transparent or consultative. Gayle now advocates for community involvement in decision making and for Monash Council local laws and practices to be equal to the best in local government in Victoria. She sees local government as being for the local people and wants to see the people involved in providing feedback at the early stages of project development and being involved in decision making. Gayle is concerned about the planning changes in Glen Waverley and the impact of these changes on community lifestyle and the environment. She wants sustainability to be a higher priority in Monash. Many of the photographs of scenes around the Monash area used on the EM&U and Vote 1 Gayle Nicholas web sites have been taken by Gayle. Please contact her if you would like to use the photos elsewhere and cite the appropriate web site as the source. NOTE: From 1 August 2016 until the Victorian Council elections in October 2016 Gayle will not be writing any articles on local government for EM&U. Such articles will appear on Vote 1 Gayle Nicholas and be authorised as election material.

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