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Support Local resident’s petition for Boer War memorial

Header photo: Victorian Mounted Rifles leaving for Boer War [picture] / Lewis F. East. ca 1900 Market Street, Melbourne Source: State Library of Victoria

Thank you to local resident Geoff Dare for forwarding this information.  The descendants of Boer War veterans would like to relocate the monument commemorating the Boer War to a location at the Shrine.  Please read on….then download a copy of the petition and get to work collecting signatures. Return petition forms to Geoff at PO Box 113, Mulgrave, 3170


Download a copy of the petition by clicking on the link below, then print the both sides on an A4 sheet.  Note the instructions above.


Download a copy of the notes as above (easier to read):



Monash Council Election in October – What you need to know!

Monash Council Election

The City of Monash Council Election will be held in October. It will be by postal vote and enrolled voters will receive their ballots via the mail in the first week of October.

What is in the ballot pack?

Council Elections Ballots
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence

How to complete the ballot paper or vote?

After completing the sheet or adding your vote, then you will need to return it in the mail by 6.00 pm on Friday 21 October 2016, so please be aware it needs to be mailed by this date as voting closes on 21 October 2016. However you do have the option to hand-deliver it to the election office by this date. You can visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website for more information.

Click on Factsheets to enlarge and view! 

Council Election Ballots
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence
Council Election Ballot
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence











Monash Council Election Candidates and voting

You will find candidate statements in the ballot pack, which is a little information about each candidate before deciding who to vote for. Community members may be already aware who some of the candidates are, but it is very important to vote for a person who you think will do the best for you or the community.  Hence why it is important to get enough information about the candidates by visiting their websites, reading their flyers or contacting them and asking questions. The other option is to  make arrangements to meet them at a convenient time or at their launches and express your views or concerns.

You vote is important so vote wisely!
Monash Council Ballot Voting
State of Victoria (Victorian Electoral Commission) – Easy English Guide
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivatives 4.0 licence

If you interested in meeting some of them, there will be a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event on 6 October 2016 at the Mount Street Neighbourhood House. For further details, you can contact them by phone on 9803 8706 or through their website – MSNH Contact.

For more information regarding the Council Elections:

City of Monash Council Election – Voting 

Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

Easy English Guide – Victorian Electoral Commission Vote in Local Council Postal Elections

Reminder! Gayle Nicholas who is the founder member of Empowering Monash and YOU has suspended her role with EM&U while standing for Council.  Community members have contacted EM&U in regards to Gayle’s Campaign and would like to remind people that EM&U’s role does not involve election campaigns, so if you would like to contact Gayle Nicholas, details below.
Website: Glenwaverleyward.wordpress.com.au
Facebook Page Page: @Gayle4Monash 
Twitter: @GayleNicholas4M

Sir John Monash Awards – Nominate a worthy community member for this award!

Image source

City of Monash Council is recognising volunteers again this year for their contribution to the community. Volunteers can be nominated for one of the inaugural Sir John Monash Awards.

The Sir John Monash Awards was named after Sir John Monash, an Australian who contributed to the community – “Adopt as your fundamental creed that you will equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit but for the benefit of the whole community” – Sir John Monash.  Quote source:  Engineering Australia

For More info – Sir John Monash

 The awards have eight categories:

  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Inspirational Women’s Leadership
  • Youth Leadership
  • Positive Ageing Leadership
  • Sustainability Leadership
  • Active Monash
  • Outstanding Advocate of People with Disabilities
  • Multicultural Champion

If you would like to know how to nominate a volunteer for one of these awards please go to Monash Council website. Nominations close on Thursday 24 March 2016.

Sir John Monash Awards Nominations

Good luck to all the nominees and even if you have not been nominated, it does not matter because all volunteers are champions!

2015 Award winners – List of the 2015 Sir John Monash Award winners

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Season’s Greetings from Empowering Monash & YOU


For Community members who celebrate Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support you have shown for EM&U and your assistance.

We are looking forward to 2016 to continue to promote community engagement and provide information to the community.

Best Wishes

Empowering Monash & YOU

Glen Waverley residents invited to converse with Monash Council

Monash Council has invited Glen Waverley residents to a meeting to discuss projects & plans for Glen Waverley. EM&U encourages all residents to go along and have a say!

Thursday 12 November from 7 pm, Monash Civic Centre 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

Glen Waverley Local Area Community Engagement (LACE)
Glen Waverley Local Area Community Engagement (LACE)

Upcoming Events

Have you ever noticed the ‘UPCOMING EVENTS’ Section in the right hand column of the screen?  You may need scroll down if you need to to find it.

We try to keep this calendar up to date with meetings of interest to EM&U followers.  If your group is having a meeting about an issue needing community support we may add it to our calendar.  Send details to EMonashU@gmail.com.

Community members at Council meetings adds to the drive for more accountability.  Grab your coat and be part of the push for better local governance.


  • WEADD Awareness Day – STOP Elder Abuse – wear purple to show support
  • Monash Council Committee Meeting to hear submission regarding the Budget, Tuesday 16 June 7.30 pm Monash City Council 293 Springvale Road Glen Waverley
  • Monash Proposed Sustainability Strategy forum Thursday 18 June 7.30 pm Alvie Hall, Mount Waverley (cnr High Street Road and Alvie Road)
More high rise buildings are expected to appear on the Monash skyline. View from Norton's Park 2015
More high rise buildings are expected to appear on the Monash skyline. View from Norton’s Park 2015

Green Waverley: Research supports a green space for diverse uses

With more criticism of Council this week over spending $$$ on one of the larger cultural groups within Monash, (see http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/east/monash-council-defends-decision-to-spend-37000-on-free-lunch-for-greek-easter/story-fngnvlxu-1227308571917) the value of an open space where many cultural groups can interact informally becomes apparent.

At least two community groups are calling for Central Car Park in Glen Waverley to be an open space for the purpose of interaction between cultural groups.

Many in the community are expressing outrage at the high rise development planned for the central area. High rise development planning is excessive, does not meet the needs of people living in the area and has ignored community views. Social isolation and health issues are a likely consequence of intensive high rise living. The community are asking for a place to unite, to come together with others from their own and different cultural groups. A place where no one group has control and smaller groups have equal access.

The call for open space (“neutral ground’) to support interaction between the different cultural groups is supported by research:

Research by Dunnett, Swanwick and Woolley (2002) found that local residents often identify green spaces as the centre of their community (see Improving Urban Parks, Play Areas and Green Spaces). By using outdoor spaces to formally and informally bring together people from a variety of cultures, ages, ethnicities and classes, urban green spaces increase social integration and interaction among local residents. Such spaces encourage a diverse range of uses – some of which stem from culture – and serve as “neutral ground,” according to Swanwick, Dunnett and Woolley (see “Nature, Role and Value of Green Space in Towns and Cities: An Overview,” in Built Environment, 2002, 29(2)). Open, accessible green spaces are essential for local people to maintain cultural identity and build social ties.

Source: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/sustainability/2014/02/26/urban_parks/

There are various views on how such open space could be designed, but much agreement that it should be a place for the people. There are multiple options on how this could be achieved and ideas include:

View from IKON over Central car park - will this become a view over more high rise development?
View from IKON over Central car park 2014.  If current plans are implemented this will be a view to multi-storey  buildings.  Many community members would like it to be a view to a green a leafy park – a place for the people.

What views do you have? How will  high rise development affect the community in Monash?

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Opening Doors program 2015 – Applications Closing Soon!

Would you like to become more involved in your community?

Do you want to meet like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference?

Are you passionate about a particular issue, such as mental health, disability or positive aging?

Are you willing to take the lead in making your community more inclusive?

The Opening Doors Program is currently seeking community members from Monash, Boroondara, Whitehorse and Manningham who are passionate about their local area, and would like to make a difference in the lives of people who may be socially isolated. The 2015 Program will run for 6 months with a graduation ceremony to be held in December. Over the course of the program, you will meet and work with a passionate group of like-minded people, learn about your own talents as a community member and leader, and develop the skills to make a real and lasting difference in your local community. The program is provided FREE to community members in the Inner-East of Melbourne. It is open to people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities.

For further information about the Opening Doors Program, please contact:

Alex Mills
Project Officer
Opening Doors – A Community Leadership Program For Social Inclusion
P: 8822 8489  E: alex.mills@iepcp.org.au
Information source: Inner East Primary Care Partnership

Green Waverley: the healthy alternative

GayleVN & HarikNG

Empowering Monash & YOU



Opening Doors 2015 Flyer.pdf

2015 Application Form.doc

Central Car Park development could pave the way for cultural inclusivity

Recently I met Joseph at a Monash Council session on developing an Age Friendly city. It was remarkable to discover we were each working with other people to develop plans with the same overall intent: to improve the quality of life in Glen Waverley and surrounds by developing an open space on the current Central Car Park.

The plans differ in minor respects but they have strong common themes:

  1. The Central Car Park area should not be built on but left open and used by the people of Monash
  2. An open space has huge potential for bridging gaps between diverse cultural groups across all age groups in Monash
  3. Concentrated high rise development in Glen Waverley could have adverse effects on the community and the environment
  4. The community needs to be active in developing plans for such an area.

Click on the link below to access Joseph’s plan

PROPOSAL Of Building MONASH MULTICULTURAL SQUARE For An All Ages Friendly City (including community feedback) on 26th March 2015 by Joseph Qiangfu Jin with community input

Green Waverley:  the healthy alternative plan

The Green Waverley: the healthy alternative is still being developed. Email your ideas for this plan to  EMonashU@gmail.com.

Green Waverley promotes a green public space on the existing Central Car Park
Green Waverley promotes a green public space on the existing Central Car Park

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Important community sessions for the aged – be there!

Are YOU going to one of the forums listed below?  Consider who are the aged for whom the Council is creating a friendly community.  The aged include many who cannot speak for themselves: elderly people who are isolated, disabled or  in residential aged care.

Do YOU know someone who needs YOU to speak out on their behalf?