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Today’s Waverley Leader raises EM&U concerns: political trainees in local government & high rise development – what do YOU think?

Today’s Monash and Oakleigh Leader (2 Dec 2014) touches on two issues of concern to EM&U and the wider Monash community (see image of page at bottom of post).

The first is the relationship between political party membership and local government, generally and, more specifically here in Monash. The political activity of many of our Councillors during State and Federal elections is public and adds weight to the view that local government is a training ground for would be politicians.

Is this an issue? 
Did you know Local Government Councillors were members of political parties when you voted for them? 
Has your Ward been been left short due to your representative’s political interests?
Do career aspirants put the local people’s interests first?

Monash Councillor campaigning for State Election candidate Excerpt from Twitter 1 Dec 2014
Monash Councillor campaigning for State Election candidate Excerpt from Twitter 1 Dec 2014

The second is the inadequacy of the Glen Waverley Activity Centre Structure Plan Sept 2014 which paved the way for approval of the first of many high rise buildings.  This won’t stop in Glen Waverley – the Monash Housing Strategy 2014 opens the gates for the spread of development across Monash.

Would you  like to see change in local government?
Do you think the Glen Waverley Activity Centre Structure Plan needs revision?

Sick of doing NOTHING?  Here’s a few steps to empower YOU:

  • Follow this web site to keep up to date.  More articles on these concerns will appear here
  • Meet with members of EM&U  to find out what others are doing: Email EMonashU@gmail.com introducing yourself
  • Email monash@leadernews.com.au (letter to the editor) setting out your views
  • Write an article for this web site / blog.  EM&U welcomes guest authors.  Note while each author is responsible for their own views and there may be variance of viewpoints across articles, views need to be consistent with the values of this group generally, and specifically in regard to quality in local governance, quality in aged care and inclusivity.  Administrators of this site reserve the right to edit or refuse publication of articles not consistent with EM&U values.
Two major issues in Waverley Leader 2 Dec 2014
Two major issues in Waverley Leader 2 Dec 2014



What will happen to your street? Attend Council forums to find out.

Side street in Monash
Side street in Monash

How will the Monash Housing Strategy affect YOU?

Are you on a Boulevard or main road, in one of the Activity Centres or a Heritage Precinct?

How will development support older people in their homes or, if necessary, moving into residential care in Monash?

High Street Road Glen Waverley 2012
High Street Road Glen Waverley 2012
Do you live in Glen Waverley or Oakleigh?

High rise development will be concentrated in these areas

Do you live in Brandon Park, Clayton or Mount Waverley?

Medium rise development is planned for these areas

Monash City Council is holding two Planning and Building Forums.


Wednesday 12 November, 7 – 9 pm

Clayton Theatrette (near Library)
Clayton Community Centre,
Cook Street

Monday 17 November, 7pm-9pm

Mount Waverley Community Centre
47 Miller Crescent
Mt Waverley

Builders at work in a residential side street
Residential street in Monash 2014


Further information:


http://www.monash.vic.gov.au/reports/pdftext/minutes/28oct2014decisions.pdf Item 4.1
Did I read this Item correctly?  The Housing Strategy Report was adopted BEFORE the Public Information Forums?????

Euneva car park - no commuters allowed!!!
Euneva car park – no commuters allowed!!!


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Glen Waverley April 2014
Glen Waverley April 2014





Monash Council plans to sell more public land…this time in Oakleigh

In 2013 the Council sold the land in Mulgrave that Mulgrave Gardens stands on.  This was done without consideration of alternatives such as leasing the land to the new owners.  The community protested against the sale of public land but the Council went ahead.

In this week’s Waverley Leader we learn the Council is planning to sell more land – this time in Oakleigh.  The plan is to sell to a developer to build a seven storey building.

Feedback must be to Council by Friday.

What do you think?  Are the community of Oakleigh happy with the plans?  Is it necessary to sell more public land?