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Brandon Park Secondary College site development – ensure its community friendly petition

Council has informed the community about a proposed development plan for the former Brandon Park Secondary College site. Proposal for Developing buildings (3-5 storeys in height) which will be for independent retirement living, and aged care facilities. The applicant is Ryman Healthcare, which developed and operates the Weary Dunlop aged care and retirement complex in Wheelers Hill.

The Brandon Park Residents Action Group has created a petition to ensure any development on the site did not dilute the liveability of the neighbourhood, especially the loss of open space. The Petition is asking Council to ensure that Ryman Healthcare address the requirements in the Development Plan Overlay for the site, such as open space, drainage, trees, traffic and parking.

To support them please click on link provided to direct you to petition. Feedback needs to be provided to Council by 26 September 2016, so please sign petition before then.

Link to petition: Brandon Park Secondary College site development – ensure its community friendly

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Open Space is a major contributor to liveability!

Open Space has been a hot issue recently and community members wishing for more green and open space areas to protect the environment and provide a healthy lifestyle for residents.  The Monash Council has received submissions or feedback by community members in relation to open space. However many may not be satisfied with the Council’s response to this issue.
The City of Monash Council was seeking feedback from the community to help them develop an Open Space Strategy. Consultations closed on 30 June 2016 and feedback received will be collated for an Opportunities paper to be confirmed later this year.

Did you have an opportunity to provide your views? Do you think you will be heard?

The following slide is Monash Ratepayers Open Space Strategy Slideshow and particularly in relation to converting some areas in Glen Waverley into open space.

Monash Ratepayers for Open Space Strategy

Open Space by Monash Ratepayers
Open Space Submission by Monash Ratepayers. Click to view slide/document

Under the Monash 2021 – a thriving community plan it states what community members value in relation to the environment and open space. Being in a ‘green’ city with bike or walk paths, tree-lined streets, areas to be green and leafy with fresh air and open space was important to them.

One of the Council’s key priorities for the next 10 years is for a green and naturally-rich city.  This will include maintaining the provision of open space for passive and active uses and maintaining the leafy character of the city and streets, as well as using opportunities to engage the community in discussion about environmental issues. 

What are your views on open space? Are you happy with the Council’s performance in this area so far?

The option for comments on the Open Space Strategy closed on 30 June. You can still have your say! Contact your Councillors (http://www.monash.vic.gov.au/AboutUs/Council/Councillors#contact) and write to Leader Press (monash@leadernewspapers.com.au).

Links relating to open space in the community:

Green Waverley: Research supports a green space for diverse uses 

Green Waverley: The Healthy Alternative

People’s Park Option for redeveloping Glen Waverley Central Car Park –  Monash Ratepayers

Monash 2021 – a thriving community

Monash Council Environment

Leave your comments by clicking on the Leave a Comment button above.

EM&U will publish your letters, emails etc.  We exist to empower the community to speak out. Name and contact details must be provided though not necessarily published.  Each author is responsible for their content and views do not always represent all involved with our group.

Hands off our reserve! Another Council not interested in green open space?

Have you seen this article? Another Council not interested in green open space?

Glendale Reserve, SpringvaleGreater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College   GEORDIE COWAN SPRINGVALE DANDENONG LEADER JUNE 01, 2015 12:15PM  
via Greater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College | Herald Sun.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council is proposing to sell part of Glendale Reserve located at Whitworth Avenue, which is very much-loved and highly used by community members. The land is occupied by the existing kindergarten and scout hall (used by the Scout Association). 


The Council proposes to sell the land to property owners, Minaret College (Islamic School) to be used. If Council goes ahead with the sale the land will need to be rezoned and the reserve status removed.


Submissions on the proposal from the community were accepted by the council and they had the opportunity to express their views at a consultation meeting, with majority of attendees against the sale.


Residents and community members protest that the Glendale Reserve is one of the only green spaces around that area. Buildings on the land can be demolished and will be more open space. This will cater to future generations, young and old. There is a high rate of couples with children in Springvale and the need for open space for children to play and be outdoors. Many children may spend more time on the internet or watching TV due to a lack of open space and a lack of exercise is detrimental to their physical health.


Other communities are fighting for more open space as important for the wellbeing of the community.


Low levels of exercise and obesity is a concern as well as chronic disease. The Greater Dandenong Council CWP Priorities and Objectives 2013-17 states that for recreation, facilities and programs are provided which will help increase participation in sport, leisure and the arts. More participation in physical activity results from providing adequate, good quality parks and open spaces. http://www.greaterdandenong.com/document/25455/community-wellbeing-plan-2010-13


Minaret college who is leasing the kindergarten has planned to expand the building if purchase the land. However the council report summary of the proposed sale states that the traffic within Whitworth Avenue can become very congested at the peak school times. By Minaret continuing to expand on this location and increasing the size of the kindergarten, this will only add to an existing concern.                                                       http://www.greaterdandenong.com/document/27619/council-minutes-27-january-2015


The Council did mention that if sold, funds could be used to purchase more open space in Springvale North. However in the past another reserve Erickson Gardens was sold to build a new Police Station and had the opportunity to use funds to increase open space, it has not done so. In fact their open strategy report revealed that it is lacking in open space in that area and many other areas in Springvale. http://www.greaterdandenong.com/document/25797/open-space-strategy


There needs to be some balance. If allow for this to happen what will stop others doing the same in other areas. The council need to keep this land and consider the consequences if go ahead and sell.

Take a stand now to save the reserve! Attend the Council meeting on 10 August 2015 at 7pm to show your support. Councillors need to know!

Venue: Council Chambers Level 2, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong


Glendale Reserve

Want to know more? Click on link provided – Save out spaces plea

Contact Glendale Reserve Campaign Group https://saveglendalereserve.wordpress.com/contact-us/

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page
Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page –  click image