People’s Park Option for redeveloping Glen Waverley Central Car Park

The people of Monash have given the Council their feedback. The Council has shuffled paper but not heard. “People’s Park” is a great name! This is about a design by the people for the people to use – this is what the residents of the Monash want. Where are the questions for the telephone survey they are relying on so strongly? Why can’t the people see them? Why was there no free answer opportunity? Why is this Council pushing so hard for this to keep moving when they admit it will not be implemented until the new Council is in place in 2017? Use your vote wisely in October 2016.

Thank you to Monash Ratepayers Inc for the post below.

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

The redevelopment saga of Glen Waverley’s central car park has attracted another community option for best value consideration by Monash Council. This new community option, called People’s Park, was developed as a result of consulting local residents, traders, local school parents and other Monash ratepayers and residents and conducting due diligent business case research. The proposal is a substantiated and viable alternative for redeveloping the central car park, in addition to Cr Lake’s option.

This People’s Park option proposes partnership with Apple to build an underground technology retail and multimedia library center with two additional levels of underground car parks.

GWCCP People's Park

It recommends more and viable funding choices than Cr Lake’s option, which only pursues to sell the car park to fund a new library and a small public space, and allow high density developments that will threaten the feng shui of Glen Waverley and increase local population without providing  local…

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